VIA Idea #6: Taking a Moment to Say “Thanks”

12 Apr

Have you ever heard of a Thankathon? I recently heard the term for the first time during a nonprofit’s board retreat. The presenter asked how many people in the room had ever gotten a thank-you call after donating money or time to any organization or cause. Only one person raised her hand.

After a short discussion, this group decided to adopt the idea and soon will be splitting up their donor list to call to say thanks. Whether your business is nonprofit or for profit, whether you are a sole proprietor or have hundreds of employees, whether you make medical equipment or cut hair, it’s an initiative worth considering. No hidden agenda. No sales pitch at the end of the conversation. All that’s necessary is a pure and simple “thank you” to those who put their faith in you and your products or services.

If calling every one of your clients by yourself isn’t practical, think about other ways to connect and say thanks. Could you make two calls every day, year round? Split up the call list with key staff? Write notes? In this electronic age, receiving a handwritten note is something so unique that we post any we get to our break room bulletin board!

As VIA staff celebrates Thanksgiving with our families and friends, know that we appreciate and sincerely thank you.

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