Via Idea #7: Partnering Direct Mail with Email

13 Apr

A client recently asked the question: Does direct mail or email marketing work best in reaching new and existing customers? Using both methods is often the best choice.

Consider that people receive less snail mail and more email than ever before. Even if you have a twenty percent open
rate from an email you’re still missing eighty percent of
that audience.

at image

Advertising is all about delivering the right message at the right time to those who want or need what you have to offer. The more times someone sees or hears from you, the more comfortable they’ll be with your product or service when it’s time to make a purchase.

Using more than one medium lets you target your message in different market segments as well. More mature audiences still prefer postal mail while younger audiences tend to respond to email, Facebook ads and other online messages.

Keep in mind that the ultimate success of any marketing effort depends on the relevancy and the offer. Tweak the offer and message to fit the audience. Track the results. Use what you learned to follow up with calls and additional email and paper mail communications.

Contact us for more ideas on reaching your target market.
Did you know?
We live in a mobile society!
• Every month, approximately three
percent of email addresses change.
• Approximately one percent of physical
addresses change every month.

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