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VIA Idea #11: The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

26 May

Sales and marketing are very different, but they have the same goal. Each finds and educates prospects and turns them into paying customers. It’s essential that both departments work and communicate well together.

Salespeople accomplish this through perfecting the sales pitch, handling objections, identifying opportunities and closing the deal. Sales is the art of technique and persuasion, many times one-to-one. Because sales is on the front line, salespeople can readily identify any shifts in attitudes about their product or service.

As defined by the American Marketing Association, marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. In short, marketing is designed to find out what customers want so the company can deliver it accordingly. The marketing department does this through studies and focus groups.

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Marketing controls product development based on customers wants, helps set a price customers see as a value, chooses the sales channels to reach customers, and promotes the product.

Whether the marketing department is one person or an entire team, marketing efforts improve the selling environment by using promotional techniques such as advertising, sales promotion, publicity and public relations. Marketing invites interaction through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. It also creates new sales channels, new products and all kinds of new opportunities.

Marketing brings customers in the door by creating a possibility. Sales gets the customers out the door with the product in hand. (Support keeps the customer coming back for more.) VIA is expert in the marketing communications field. We develop your message and communicate it through a variety of media. We research, plan, write, design and execute. We help you brand your product at every touch point, so that you can control your customer’s experience and deliver consistency to meet his or her expectations.

Call us to provide an effective marketing plan. Find, communicate, educate and turn your prospects into paying customers.

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