VIA Idea #33

8 Sep

Tips for Designing Better Websites from the User Experience Point of View

However it’s delivered (print or electronic), every strong marketing piece presents information from a “what’s in it for me” point of view. A website presents you with the opportunity to personalize the experience by allowing your customers and potential customers to learn as much (or little) about your company and products as they desire.

Your website’s design needs to function well for many people. Each of us comes to a particular website with our own expectations and with individual goals. The more you know your target audience, the better you can predict their expectations and guide them into the sales funnel.


Tips to improve user experience include:

    1. Placing your phone number at the top and make it a “click to call”.


    1. Including a form that will make it simple to contact you without asking for too much information.


    1. Utilizing caching (see the sidebar article for details).


    1. Making sure that Responsive Web Design (RWD*) has simple layouts and fluid grids. Avoid complicated navigation.


  1. Examining Analytics data and tweaking the layout over time. For example, by moving a navigation tab on a client’s site, the hits to that page immediately increased.

Contact Julie to discuss assessing the effectiveness of your website’s user experience and in thinking through how to make improvements.

*RWD is a website design that resizes itself in order to work well across various screen sizes from mobile to desktop and everything in between.

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