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VIA Idea #20: Resolutions, Megatrends and Gourmet Sandwiches

6 Apr

It’s that time again—the season to make resolutions and to hear about trends. Like resolutions, some “trends” will disappear by March while others will become ingrained into our daily lives.

My resolution for the coming year is to stay away from the office candy jar. As for trends, there’s no doubt that mobile devices and their thousands of available apps will continue to play larger roles in our lives. Crain’s Chicago Business recently reported its number one megatrend: Companies embrace mobile apps for business use. Echoing the Crain’s article, the number two item on the Dex “Six must know trends for your 2012 ad budget” is “2012 looks like the year of mobile.”

All kinds of businesses, large and small, are finding innovative ways to be more efficient by using mobile apps:

  • I recently visited an antique fair and noticed some vendors were using mobile phones to take PayPal credit card payments from buyers.
  • One of our clients who services swimming pools has crews take before and after photos with their phones to document their work. They’ll soon take the next step by posting those photos to their website and giving customers access to them.
  • A free app named Bump lets users swap electronic business cards and other data by gently knocking their smart phones into one another.
  • The wait for a Jimmy John’s “gourmet” sandwich is now even shorter by ordering online for pickup or delivery. Some eateries allow patrons to order online while sitting inside the restaurant.

What can you do to make your business more mobile? A first step is to take a serious look at your website. Is it:

  • Mobile friendly? You may need a mini mobile site or just a few design tweaks to your existing site.
  • Coming up high when you search for your own products or services?
  • Built to be viewed on wider monitors?
  • Compatible with Apple products?

Mobile is here to stay. Ignore this megatrend and you’re missing the opportunity to connect with a growing share of your potential customers.

If you’re wondering what next year’s hot color will be…

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